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Crash Course: GATE/NET

Rocking Numbers: Geology GATEway to Numerical Mastery

Language: English+Hindi

Instructors: GeoCon

Valid Till: 2024-02-28


Why this course?


Welcome to a Geology Crash Course that makes NATs as friendly as rocks! Our crash course, is your shortcut to mastering the GATE Numerical Aptitude Type Question without breaking a sweat.

No need to fear equations or geological jargon – we break down importnat NAT topics for you.

Picture this: Understanding rocks and minerals through simple numbers, and tackling GATE problems with ease. Our instructors, geology experts who speak your language, will guide you through the math stuff without making it feel like a math class.

Key Points:

  • Friendly Approach: The course ensures that numbers are approachable, especially for those unfamiliar with complex mathematical concepts.
  • Expert Guidance: Led by experienced geologists who communicate in plain language, the course guides students through geological concepts and numerical problem-solving.
  • Practical Application: Focuses on practical applications, such as understanding geological maps, decoding seismic data, and mastering numerical problem-solving techniques.
  • No-nonsense Learning: Emphasizes a no-fuss, easy-to-follow approach, making GATE exam preparation straightforward and stress-free.
  • Clear Goals: The ultimate goal is GATE success without unnecessary complexity, making geology and numbers your allies in the journey toward acing the exam.

Course Curriculum

Structural Geology
Recording - Structural Geology (Maps) (124:00)
Recording - Structural Geology (Maps & Stereonet) (130:00)
Recording - Structural Geology (Maps & Stereonet contd.) (117:00)
Recording - Structural Stress and Strain (Mohr Circle) (116:00)
Igneous Petrology
Recording - Igneous_4_Phase Diagram (Binary) (92:00)
Recording - Igneous_5_Phase Diagram (Binary contd.) (97:00)
Sedimentary Petrology
Recording - Sedimentology_9_Sedimentary Textures (77:00)
Sedimentology #7 sedimentary_textures (12 pages)
Metamorphic Petrology
Recording - Metamorphic Petrology #7 (P-T-t) (84:00)
Engineering Properties of rock and Soil
Recording - Soil Properties #1 (Introduction) (131:00)
Recording - Soil Properties #3 (Rock Strength) (105:00)
Recording - Geochemistry_#1 (Basics) (101:00)
Recording - Geochemistry_#7 (Chemical Kinetics) (75:00)
Recording - Geochemistry_#14 (Stable isotope geology and Meteorites) (96:00)
Remote Sensing
Recording - Absorption spectra (91:00)
Recording - Remote sensing_Photogrammetry (73:00)
Mineralogy & Crystallography
Recording - Understanding Voids (136:00)
Recording - (Crystallography: Miller Indices) (113:00)
Recording - Crystallography (X-ray Diffraction) (138:00)
crystallographic Calculations (24 pages)
Recording - Hydrology#3_Darcy's law (104:00)
Recording - Geophysics #1 (Solar System and Earth) (91:00)
Recording - Geophysics #12 (EarthQuake Seismology) (71:00)
Recording - Geophysics #5 (Gravity Corrections contd.) (51:00)

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